Every One Was Told ‘Not To Touch’ This Cat And One Man Didn’t Listen

This abandoned little kitten named Ugly was found wandering the streets, and every time people saw him they’d to shy away from him because he looked ugly and sick. One man took pity on the poor thing and shared his love with Ugly before he ᴅɪᴇᴅ in his arms.

The kitten called ugly loved nothing more than eat, fight, and love. Ugly spent his whole life outside and his colorful life took more than its toll. To start with, he had only one eye, and where the other should have been was a gaping hole. He’s also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot has appeared to have been ʙᴀᴅʟʏ .b.roken at one time. And he had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. His tail has long since been lost, leaving a tiny stump which he would constantly jerk and twist.
Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. “That’s one UGLY cat!!” All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults ᴛʜʀᴇᴡ ʀᴏᴄᴋs at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come into their homes or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave. The kitten, however, never fought back. He just stood there and looked at everyone with his tiny eye. He would curl up on people’s shoes and ask to be pet.

Whenever he saw children, he would come running meowing frantically and bump his head against their hands, begging for their love. If you picked him up, he immediately began suckling on your shirt, or ears, whatever he could find.
One day Ugly shared his love with the neighbor’s huskies. They did not respond kindly, and Ugly was badly mauled. From my apartment, I could hear his screams, and I tried to rush to his aid. By the time I got to where he was laying, it was apparent Ugly’s sad life was almost at an end.
.Ugly ᴅɪᴇᴅ in my arms before I could bring him inside but I sat there and held him for a long time. Ugly taught me more about giving and compassion than a thousand books ever could.

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