Heartbreaking scene of sad little dog lying next to dead mother’s body

The image of a small dog with a sad face and eyes hanging around his mother’s body with only skin and bones left everyone heartbroken.

The puppy next to the mother’s body has been dead for many days.

A photographer from the Xinhua News Agency said that in 2017 when he was exploring the mountains of Tibet, he suddenly came across and took a picture of a small dog lying next to the corpse of only the mother dog’s skeleton.

The little dog in the photo is thin, it is worth mentioning that his face, his eyes exude sadness when looking at the dead dog next to him. This is a dead body, only skin and bones remain, even hair has fallen off.

It is thought that maybe the small dog is the child of the dead dog, looking at the sad eyes of the dog also makes viewers feel heartbroken.

The little dog lay on his mother’s leg, where there was still hair, as if to find the familiar warmth of the day.

After the photo was published in Xinhua News Agency, China, many people blamed the photographer for not bringing the dog home to take care of. The photographer later said that when he returned to look for it, he had lost track of this poor little dog.

Before that, there were also photos of similar animals’ affection posted. On October 6, 2012, while walking around the burnt area of ​​a village in Myanmar, a Reuters reporter caught sight of a small dog sitting next to the dead dog’s mother when the body was almost decomposing. completely.

Seeing the scene in front of him, the photographer’s heart was moved, at first he intended to take the small dog with him. But fortunately, finally a man adopted it, but his family was very poor. In the end, the two decided to send the dog to a Buddhist communal house in the village.

It can be seen that maternal love is a sacred and very noble feeling, even in animals it is no exception, it is just that depending on the species, there are different ways of expressing it.

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