Paralyzed dog, the action of ‘brother’ to juniors makes everyone emotional.

Animals are not mindless, they also have emotional lives and care for each other.
Tieu Tuyet is a young girl living in Guangdong, China. Being an animal lover, after getting married and having her own house, she and her husband decided to adopt a pet dog.

In 2019, her puppy matured and gave birth to 2 puppies, they were named Dau Dau and QQ by the owner. Both are extremely pretty and cute, but QQ has been unable to walk since birth.

From a young age, Dau Dau dog seems to have realized early on that his brother cannot live like other normal dogs.

So, instead of exploring the world around alone, Dau Dau is always by my side to take care of me. The two dogs are always next to each other.

Tieu Tuyet said that the dog QQ, besides not being able to walk, is in good health, he also loves to have fun. Unable to bear to see the poor little dog being only in the house, she asked her husband to design a special car for them.

The two-part structure was quickly completed just for two small dogs. In front is Dau Dau’s car belt, and behind is QQ’s “seat”. Since having their own car, the two dogs have been pulling together every day to “travel” around the small town.

Photos capturing the adorable moment of the two dog brothers after being shared on social networks attracted the attention of many animal lovers. Most of them show respect for the two dogs’ deep affection that is not inferior to humans.

Many netizens also left many comments congratulating the two little animals to always be healthy and be able to accompany each other forever.

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