Ron The Veterinary Rescue Cat That Cuddles Patients Into A State Of Security

This is Ron. He’s a cat with a beautiful ability to help calm the other animals that are patients at Northfields Veterinary Hospital, in Colorado.

At first, when Ron got to the hospital, he was a tiny scared homeless kitty found while roaming the streets. But, after a while, he got accustomed to the revolving door of new people and pets. So, he thought it’d be wise to help out.

“He would approach any other dog and cat without fear, and would try to climb into their cages…,” Shelly Sandel, veterinarian and co-owner of Northfield Veterinary Hospital.

“He started to cuddle up to any pet who was under anesthesia for dental work (not sterile procedures) and provide them with body heat,” Sandel said. “He would even groom them while they were asleep, seemingly trying to provide them with comfort.”

Ron spent a total of three months at the clinic, but thankfully he was recently adopted by a family and has a furever home with plenty of people to attend to. Share with friends!

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