Shedding tears at the image of a mother dog carrying her baby in the middle of a flood, a series of animals crying like crying for help, netizens lamented.

The “friends” attached to people in the production and farming process now have to be alone in the middle of the flood, don’t know how long they can live?!

The image of a dog carrying a puppy wading in the middle of a recent flood has made people almost “dumbfounded”. It can be said that looking at natural disasters now, our eyes are probably full of pain and sadness.

“The image of people climbing on the roof because of the high water, posted on social networks calling for help. In the garden, hearing cows and dogs crying …”, a girl’s share on Facebook made anyone passing by also moved. . .

Attached to the sharing line, people can’t help but feel sad when they see the image of the dog carrying the puppy in the middle of the flood in the pouring rain. Right now, when you think of dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, ducks… you would never dare imagine them fighting while nature is angry.

The “friends” attached to people in production and farming now have to “endure” alone in the middle of the flood, not knowing how long they will live. It hurts more when they can’t speak, can’t ask for help and… hunger can’t even show on their faces.

The image of a mother dog carrying her baby out of a flooded area has touched the hearts of many people.

Storms and floods have caused significant damage to animals and people. Storm news is always updated by the mass media every hour, every minute, through images that can see the loss that people and pets are suffering, the damage to people and property. walking parallel in the flood made us hard to forget.

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