The brave dog rushed to the sea to save the drowning deer, attracting millions of followers

The touching story of a brave dog is being shared widely on social networks.

The incident happened off the coast of Long Island, New York. On a recent weekend morning yesterday, Mr. Mark Freeley was walking with his dog, Storm, when suddenly Storm jumped down sea.
“At around 8am on July 16, Storm was traveling with me when he suddenly plunged into the sea. Look in the distance, I saw Storm as if he was struggling with something,” Mr. Mark said.

Moments later, Storm the dog turned to shore and, unbelievably, bit a drowned deer.

Mark shared that this brave dog pulled the deer onto the sand. Storm even uses his mouth to lick and uses his paws to help this animal wake up. The deer looks tired but luckily it’s still breathing.

It is known that Mr. Mark and Storm stayed to give first aid to the deer until a veterinarian showed up presently. It is now fully restored.

After sharing the story on his personal account, Storm was quickly shared on social media with more than 30,000 comments in just 24 hours.

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