The couple got married early so their dying mate dog could attend their wedding

Animal companions become an integral part of our household. Our furry children, like human children, have a special place in our hearts. Many individuals agree, including Estelle Harris of Derbyshire, UK, who got a dog named Bruce five years ago.

Estelle soon bonded with her 5-year-old puppy, referring to him as a “child with four legs” and expressing that she loves him “more than anything.”

Estelle met and fell in love with Daniel Harris when Bruce was a year old. Daniel and his family adore Bruce, and when the pair started planning their wedding, they knew his dog would play an important role.

Unfortunately, when the family noticed that their beloved dog had white gums and a blue tongue in December, they had to hurry him to the emergency vet, where he was diagnosed with a pleural effusion.

Veterinarians began draining the fluid from around Bruce’s lungs and heart, but not before informing his family that his situation was severe and that he might not live.

According to GoFundMe, Bruce conducted more tests, which revealed a grapefruit-sized tumor in his chest.

The animal required surgery to remove the tumor, but Estelle and Daniel broke down as they realized they could have to say goodbye to their greatest buddy.

Perhaps this is the first and last wedding the dog can attend. Its owner is very sad and heartbroken when he has to leave the dog for his beloved.

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