The image of a boy holding a dead dog makes millions of hearts melt

Those who have, are raising pets will understand, they are not just ordinary animals. The more long-term care, the deeper the love, many people consider pets as relatives and friends. Therefore, if something bad happens to them, surely the “lotus” will be extremely heartbroken.

The image of a boy crying and shaking a dead dog makes everyone feel sad.

Little boy hugging and showing affection and love for his best friend, a cuddly golden retriever.
This scene made everyone unable to hold back their tears. Equally sympathetic to the unfortunate dog, netizens also sympathized with the boy’s pain.

This post has attracted millions of interactions on social networks. Many animal lovers have sent messages of encouragement to the dog’s owner that they understand, sympathize and hope you get over this loss soon.

“There have been so many times like this, the intestines are aching, the heart is about to stop beating… Many people outside look in, people cry, what’s wrong with a dog crying? But people don’t understand him. To me, it is a friend, a family member. It is always by my side and loyal to me, it does not know how to fake, compare me. Why is it so painful to see this scene?” – a resident emotional sharing network.

When non-dog owners have never seen a friend grieve over the loss of their dog, they think it’s just an overreaction, since it’s just a pet after all.

However, those who have ever loved a dog will understand one thing: Your pet dog is more than just a pet.

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