The image of a mother dog chained to death but still trying to take care of 6 puppies has touched netizens

The case of a mother dog being abandoned but still trying to raise 6 puppies in a remote field touched netizens.

An incident in Ireland recently made netizens in general and dog and cat lovers shaken. Accordingly, despite being chained tightly to a metal fence, the 2-year-old mother still cares and protects her newborn puppies despite extremely unfavorable conditions. According to the Irish Times, the mother dog and her cubs went without food and water for days. Fortunately, a passerby spotted them in a field next to the small town of Elphin and promptly intervened.

This person then promptly called for help so that the mother dog and her cubs were taken to a veterinary clinic of the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) for timely treatment. .

Some rescuers say they were abandoned soon after the mother gave birth. But the length of time the dogs were trapped remains a mystery. The manager of the ISPCA center assessed that the behavior of leaving the pregnant mother dog in a leash is inhumane, completely killing it because of the risk of lack of food and water for many days. According to this person’s share, when the dog was rescued, the climate was quite cold and it rained continuously, so bad consequences could completely happen without quick help.

The mother dog and her cubs were taken to ISPCA National Animal Center in Longford County for emergency treatment. Subsequent results showed that they had no significant disadvantage, except for being left hungry for too long in the lonely fields.

Although she tried very hard to cure it, but because the mother dog gave birth and took care of her cubs for many days, with starvation, she passed away.

When ISPCA posted on Facebook a picture of a mother dog taking care of her cubs, viewers left a lot of comments. One reviewer: “It’s inconceivable that any owner could be so heartless to throw them away in the cold. The mother dog is so pitiful having to protect her cubs. It’s touching to see the humanity of the dog. they.”

Another commented: “We need to have stricter sanctions against those who abuse animals and commit cruelty to them. Pet neglect cases like this are so horrible. terrible and needs to be stopped soon.”

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