The owner died, the dog kept the grave day and night, not allowing anyone to come near

For three years now, since losing his little master named Dano due to drowning, Mino has come to lie on the grave, regardless of rain or shine or being forbidden by his family.

Mino is a loyal dog, about 5 years old, brought home by Dano’s family since childhood. From the first days of his return, Mino proved to be the most attached to Dano even though the family had many children. At that time, the boy Dano did not know how to walk.

No longer being a dog lover, seeing her grandson enjoy playing with Mino, Mrs. Dano washed herself clean and then let her son play freely with his four-legged friend. About a year later, the boy could not die from drowning. The family buried the grandson in the field right behind the house.

Three days later, when the boy’s grave was finished, Mino lay there quietly from morning to evening.

“I see it there every day, I take it home to take care of it. But when I bring it home for a while, it returns to its original place. It comes out every day, so I have to endure it,” the grandmother said.

At this time, everyone in the family thought, maybe when he was alive, baby Dano was the closest person to Mino, so there was a special relationship between him and the dog.

Initially, the grave was located in the middle of a rice field, without a shadow of a tree, but early in the morning, the dog was lying there. During the past three years, only at noon when the sun was too hot, late at night or when a stranger visited the Mino, did they enter the house. In the house there is cake or fruit, Mino all put it next to the baby’s grave.

Mino is considered a smart, quiet and very obedient dog. It only barked for a long time when a stranger entered the house, not barking around like many other dogs.

For a long time, Dano’s grandmother stopped seeing Mino as a normal dog and became a member of the family. “I didn’t think an animal would have such affection for my grandchild. I will raise it until it dies, then bury it, never sell it or give it to anyone else,” Ms. Dano said.

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