13 Year Old Kitty Paws at Glass When Someone Walks by The Shelter For Someone – Anyone – To Take Her Home

A black and white cat who is already 13 years old will greet and dance for you when you visit the Tabby’s Place these days. She has been named Sienna.

When you walk into this particular cat sanctuary, this is probably what you will see – a friendly furry friend runs up to you and paws at the glass wall to get your attention.

Sienna’s human passed away and so she was taken in by the cat sanctuary located in Ringoes, NJ.

“The staff and volunteers are gaga for her because she always runs to the window when she hears someone go by. She’s missing her human very much… she has a lot yet to offer, too,” a volunteer of the Tabby’s Place wrote via reddit.

“She lives in a ‘suite’ with a bunch of other cats. They even have a walkway to a tube that goes over a hallway so they can go outside into a solarium. The shelter has 4 suites like this and several smaller, quieter rooms. No kitty lives alone and no kitty lives in a cage, unless it’s absolutely medically necessary. Even the executive director’s office has two kitties!”

“Would you take me home with you pawese?” Who could resist this face?

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