A brief introduction to Google AdSense


There is hardly an area of ​​the world where there is no Internet access and there is hardly an Internet user who does not know about Google. The search engine that rules the world of the Internet is remembered by the world as “Google”. Google which was launched almost a few years ago today.

Today, online businesses compete with companies such as eBay and Yahoo. Google has been innovating since its inception. Revolutionized the world of search and then launched the Gmail feature, then all contemporary email services were left in the lurch. Google then announced a new service, which was online advertising.

Why the Need for Online Advertising?

Let’s take a look at this first. From the earliest times, people have been required to communicate their inventions and productions. Newspapers and TV channels have been advertising for this purpose, but when the whole world turned to the Internet. As the Internet began to reign everywhere, so did the advertising companies. They started advertising on world-famous sites. This would have outweighed the cost of these sites and the meaning of the advertising companies. You may be surprised to learn that the only source of revenue for a large company like Yahoo is advertising, which they display on mailboxes and on their websites.

What is AdSense?

It was still very difficult to find ads for the average Internet user or webmaster’s site, but over time the usefulness of Internet advertising grew and sites like Google got a lot of ads. In such a situation, Google launched a new service called AdSense. AdSense and Ad words are actually the same service names. In AdSense, people get ads and put them on their sites, and make money, while in Ad words, advertising companies place their ads, which are displayed on the site of AdSense users.

Google pays its users Pay per Click. What actually happens is that the advertising company advertises to Google. Google then displays that ad code on your site, then website visitors click on that ad through your website. That way Google also gets a few percent commission, and you also get a profit.

Ways to Get a Google AdSense Account Quickly:

In Google AdSense, if you usually apply for a website, it only takes about 2 to 4 weeks to get an account. Because Google’s engineers check your site to see if your site meets Google AdSense standards. For example, you created a website and applied for Google AdSense the next day. You received a confirmation email in a day or two. You have also confirmed your email address.

Now the fourth day has passed, the fifth day has also passed, so one week, the second week, and the third week you received an email from Google. You were very happy to quickly open this e-mail and it read something like this:

  • Thanks for your interest in Google AdSense! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
  • In short, your account has been disapproved, but don’t worry, here’s a way for you to get an AdSense account as soon as possible.
  • So listen! Blogs are fast becoming very popular on the Internet, and you’ll only need one blog to get an AdSense to account fast.
  • Create your account at www.blogger.com, like any theme, and keep posting in it.

When your blog is complete, apply for AdSense. Your account will be approved in a day or two. Once you have an AdSense account, you can place Google AdSense ads on each of your websites.

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