Golden Retriever Dedicates 2 Hours a Day to Hugging Strangers During Walks.

Louboutina is a shining example of this breed’s love and affection. She has captured the hearts of people all over the world with her hugs and warm demeanor. Her owners say she has a unique ability to sense when someone needs comfort and will extend a paw for a hug.

This furry angel has made a huge impact on the lives of those she has hugged, spreading joy and happiness wherever she goes. Her loving nature has earned her the title of “Hugging Golden Retriever” and has made her a social media sensation.

The gorgeous golden retriever, named after a French shoe clothier, spends at least two hours an afternoon hugging folks she encounters at the street.

That golden retrievers are recognised for being great dog?

Louboutina’s hugs bring so much joy and happiness to those she encounters. Her selfless act of love and affection has truly made a difference in people’s lives and brightened their day. It’s clear to see why she is loved so much by all those who know her. She is truly an angel on four legs

He upload: It all started simply round Valentine’s Day in 2014, when Loubie began taking her owner’s hand after he had put an stop to a dating. She started out sitting up and grabbing my palms with each and every of her paws, and then crossing the utterly other paw over her paw.

I keep in mind joking with my pals, On the very least I have anyone to deal with hands with all by way of Valentine’s.

Now, Fernandez-Chavez realizes that now not only him, nevertheless all the international wishes the heat his dog has to offer.

All folks wishes hugs…! We wish additional folks were like this dog!

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