How to Grow a Youtube Channel


Since its launch more than a year ago, YouTube has become a favorite platform of content creators thanks to these features. Has become a form that offers viral trends, shows, educational materials, vlogs, and original movies. It is not surprising, then, those big and small brands are betting on this social video network to increase their online presence. To date, YouTube has 2 billion users connected each month, while more than 500 hours of content are shared per minute within the platform.

Find trends:

Trends or trends in the video appear without notice, but uploading relevant content can help increase the number of visits you make. To find out what people are talking about. Google Trends now lets you choose YouTube as your search engine. At the same time, you will know, whether the content you are planning, is included in these titles, which users are looking for on the platform.

Be authentic:

Having an authentic and personalized channel will allow your followers to identify and identify your content. That’s why it’s important to plan all the elements of your YouTube page, such as backgrounds, banners, and the titles you address in your videos.

  • Other tips for highlighting your channel
  • Keep your spin on content, and add value to your videos.
  • Be sure to use detailed descriptions, which arouse interest or curiosity.
  • Think of keywords that identify your video and create images, feedback, and unique content to connect with your audience.

Obey Community Rules:

In order for your channel to stand out and grow, you need to be real. Namely, respect the creations of other channels or authors. This is important because you make sure your video does not infringe on the rights of others, such as music, photos, videos, or creative content.

A Couple:

There are myths surrounding this topic, which suggest that you may use copyrighted material. Such as music tracks or pieces of secure programs, but the fact is that it is better to inform yourself before uploading the video.

Some creators qualify for the Creative Commons license. So that other users can use the content. Pay attention to these permissions and the video you want to share. Check them out, too, so others can embrace it and popularize your channel.

Take Advantage Of Live Video:

A good way to connect with your audience is streaming or live broadcasting. Because you get chats and comments in real-time. The fastest way to do this is to stream via webcam. Because this is the easiest and most practical way to do it.


Before the broadcast, be sure to announce the event so that your community knows you will be alive. Once started, don’t forget to interact with them. Which will be attached to you, which will make the mechanics between the two sides agile. Live videos are a great option, but we allow time between one transmission and the other.

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