How To Make Money While Playing Video Games


There is magic in video games, which attracts all kinds of people: teenagers, business people, free time, and teens with children. Still, they can be seen as a waste of time or investment without a return. Despite this misconception, it is possible to use this hobby to make money! Some options include reviewing the game, preparing lessons, and participating in championships.


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Make a name that is easy to remember. Whether you’re creating a blog or investing in a YouTube channel. This name needs to be creative and eye-opening. It can be as simple as a fake name + “game reviews”. Or it could be a brand new, design, website, and even a little song of its own.

Check online:

To do this, you can start with a blog or YouTube channel. It is important, where you publish your analysis. If you decide to get started on YouTube, get a good camera and location.

Some people make good money through YouTube, and some take advantage of it. Nevertheless, these are rare cases and work very hard. So don’t easily expect too much money.

Start reviewing new games:

People are not usually interested in old games. When a new game is released, you can rent or buy it. The second option will be a hindrance to your profits. When analyzing it, explain what is good about it. Mention the negative points and indicate which age group it is most suitable for.

Get to know your audience:

Speak or write according to your target audience. Speak your language if you are an athlete. If you want to reach out to the parents of children who play, watch sports more simply.

Share your reviews with friends and family.

Encourage them to share with others if they wish. The best way to grow in this area is to spread your name. Don’t be shy, because it’s an easy way to create visibility.

Use hashtags to your advantage:

On social media, hashtags are useful for linking your name to other people’s names, who do just that. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, talk about your new endeavor and use hashtags.

Use AdSense to your advantage:

YouTube has the option to add ads, which can help you make money. Blogs have the option to use affiliate programs and links such as Google AdSense. It’s interesting to think about future sponsors. However, these programs are good options for those who are just starting out.

Find Video Game Companies and Offer Game Reviews:

As soon as you have some notorious online (at least a few thousand followers and 6 months of regular publication), contact the game producers and offer your work as an analyst. Big companies can’t even answer you. However, there are some studios that launch sporadic games and smaller companies. They may be interested in promoting through your channel.

Use formal language and be extremely polite when contacting producers. Submit a link from your website or channel and count how many monthly views you get. Numbers must be exposed. Because they indicate how effective it would be to include the game on your channel.


  • Continue to view video games as a hobby as a job. So you don’t lose interest.
  • Set goals and challenge yourself to complete the game within a set time. So you continue to produce regularly.
  • Do competitive research, so that your prices are competitive.
  • Build and sell characters and items in games, to earn extra money. It is more popular in computer games.


This tutorial is not an incentive to quit your job (or run away from someone). Building an online network takes time, and money can take time. When starting, schedule according to your time availability. If you can zero in on just one game every two weeks, this should be the frequency of posts. Followers like this consistency.

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