Learn Freelancing, and Earn a Living At Home


So you have thousands of ads to download such an app, and make so much money, etc. All this is done only for the promotion of applications and if people do not earn anything by downloading the app, they say that there is no earning online, it is all a lie.

Did you know that our country, Asia, ranks fourth in the world in terms of freelancing?

A large number of Asia are making so much money on their computers at home that even a government official cannot earn so much without a bribe. Of course, you may have heard of freelancing but unfortunately, most people do not even know what freelancing is, and sometimes even educated people are found saying that it is all a lie, fraud, and deception.

So many freelancing centers have been set up in big cities. But the people of small towns are not even aware of this. There are free courses in this regard on YouTube. But people don’t understand which video to watch, which one is right and which one is wrong. Today we are launching a series to get out of this dilemma, in which all the information will be written and posted in Urdu.

Today we will just learn the introduction of freelancing, how it is done.

As you know, freelancing means working for someone at home and taking money in return. Freelancing requires you to have a laptop and internet connection, and you can start working on any freelancing website. If you don’t know how to use a computer, there are a lot of things that are taught on YouTube.

If you have any computer-related work, i.e. if you know how to create images and logos from Adobe Photoshop or how to create and design a website. If you know how to work in Word Excel etc. or know how to run ads on a Facebook page, then you can do freelancing. It is important to read and write English for this job, as most of the work comes from abroad. If any client sends a message, you will be able to reply to it in English, so the chances of getting a job are higher. If you also have the ability to work. English is also good, computer and internet connection is also available.

There are only two or three websites in Asia where it is easy for a newcomer to get a job. Today I will mention only two websites.

  1. com
  2. Up work

Creating an account on Firewall and Up work is as easy as creating a Facebook account. Write an account here about your work, the client will contact you by looking at your profile and will pay for the work done.

How to Get Started:

There is no scope for fraud in these websites. Because the next person will deposit money before starting work and that money stays in the middle until you complete the work. The money will not be found. When you have completed the work and informed the client about the work, and then they will approve your work, the money will be transferred to your account.


If you do a good job, you will get a good rating from the client, and the more good the rating. You will get so much more work. If things don’t work out, the client will give you a low rating, and people who see a low rating on your profile won’t let the rest of the client work for you. Thus once you learn to do good work, your rating and level go up. Hopefully, you have found out about freelancing.

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