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When we step into practical life after getting a young education, the main goal of most of us is to get rich, and for the next thirty years after graduation, we try to get some more certificates. Prove your worth to the world on paper by earning, taking exams, or taking special classes and earning more money online than ever before. The same lifestyle cannot give you different results. In practical life, we ​​gradually adopt some new habits. Work hard from morning to evening.

To make money online and then try to save as much money. So that they can fulfill their other desires. In this way, we gradually become part of a “rat race”, in which we leave our homes early in the morning to work for someone else. Work hard all day, fight the traffic in the evening and get home. Deal with your personal tasks at night and fall asleep. Then this becomes our daily habit. The fuel for our rat race is thinking: “Earn more so that you can spend more.” But not rich.

Don’t be rich:

If wealth is taken away from a rich man, he becomes poor. But when wealth is taken away from the rich, he can become rich again in a short time. Being rich is basically the name of an ability. Man becomes rich by winning the lottery, by inheriting property, by being born into a rich family, by marrying into a wealthy family, or by gradually accumulating money. But often this money does not last long. Because whether a person is rich or poor is related to his thinking.

Control your spending:

The principles of becoming rich are slightly different from becoming rich. The basic principle of becoming rich is to invest. If a person earns fifteen thousand rupees a month, invests one thousand rupees, and spends the remaining fourteen thousand rupees, then such a person can become rich. But if a person earns two lakhs a month and spends only two lakhs, then he will become a temporary rich man. But one can never become rich.

Making money Online is about thinking:

If all the wealth of the world is distributed equally among all people, then in a few years the poor will become poor again and the rich will become rich again. How is that possible? If you get Rs 20 million today, what will you do? He will try to fulfill all his desires, which he could not fulfill due to a lack of money to date. The majority of people will do the same. This is a complete subject, which is taught under the name of Behavioral Finance. Whenever we spend money out of our own pockets, we are getting some services or goods from another person or organization, and thus our money gets out of our hands and becomes the property of the seller. This is because the trader stands on the “supplier side” and has the skills to be a supplier. He also passed without any exam. If you also want to get rich, come to the supplier side.


Investing means spending your money today in a place where you can expect to make a profit. If you have the knowledge to get more wealth from wealth, then you are an investor. And if you are spending your money today in the hope of making a profit without this knowledge, then you are a gambler, not an investor. Most people gamble in the stock market.


People who work or run their own business from morning to evening earn an active income, for which they have to work 8 to 10 hours a day. These people are usually part of the rat race because of the day they stop working. On that day they will stop receiving money. Making a profit by investing in paper assets is called “portfolio income”. This includes certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and share trading.

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