Man Spends Weeks on Toy Model – Cat Doesn’t Care

Sometimes, cats can be real a-holes. We feed them, pet them, and care for them, and sometimes, they just don’t offer anything in return. When cats set their destruction mode to On, they can be furious balls of mischief.

This is exactly what one Japanese toy store worker learned the hard way. The man recently spent weeks building a toy model with over 2,000 plastic blocks only to have it tore down by a cat.

He was building Doraemon, a popular Japanese manga character and it was perfect in every sense. Little did he know that all his hard work would be gone in seconds. The man posted pics of the whole thing online including the destroyed model and the cute cat (gotta give credit where it’s due). The great work was undone in a second and initially, the man really believed he could kill the cat. But, who can stay mad at those eyes?


One day later, he posted another photo of him and the cat so the two obviously put their differences aside. The tabby is simple too cute to stay mad at, even if it meant weeks of hard work down the drain.

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