The Way To Earn Money Online That Everyone Wants To Adopt But…


In developing countries, everyone wants to make as much money as possible in the least amount of time, and there are different ways to do it. But taking advantage of this need or greed, some fraudulent individuals or institutions also become active and the citizens have to wash their hands of the accumulated capital. But the most ridiculous thing is that despite the complaints of the looting citizens, even the Federal Investigation Agency or the authorities are unable to take action against those involved in this ‘fog’.

Websites of Fraud Groups:

Fraud groups set up various websites on the Internet, and users are assured of earning Rs. 500 or more by giving them just a few minutes a day, who doesn’t like the money. As soon as an attractive offer came up, people started thinking about taking advantage of it, and then they were given advertisements on social media. A telephone call to the number strengthens the commitment, or an acquaintance’s engagement in the same task is considered the first step to success.

Procedure of Fake Websites:

The procedure of these websites is such that the first three to five, ten, fifteen, 25, or 30 thousand rupees are received in the name of registration of different packages, and in return, you have to log on to the said websites. Usernames and passwords are provided for these to happen. These packages promise to pay you per click. That is, the higher the amount of the package will be registered. You get the same amount per click. Usually, two people are promised 10 rupees per click and some lucky ones succeed in their goal. But this success is also temporary, as the work expands and the money accumulates. Eventually, after reaching a certain goal, the company becomes missing and indifferent, and all this happens online, not in person. The account holder is given about 100 specific links on the website in 24 hours, clicking on which leads to the relevant website, and after a few seconds (time bar runs over each relevant website) close the website and open another link. Is taken and the message of deposit in your account according to the package is conveyed in a very proper manner.

Links assigned to a Websites:

All such websites shut down after being on the server for a while and you can’t even log in or the money initially received by a few people is also stopped from reaching the total users, including, Visit4earn, and, Websites like, are included. Some people manage to make money, but it is also a form of deception.

Receipt of income through facilities like Easy Pay increases greed and expenses and invests in more accounts as well as informing your friends and relatives as well as informing them about the revenue from viewing advertisements or news websites on the website. . Because you can’t make more than a certain amount of money because of the links assigned to an account, it just takes a few months to have a platform like Facebook for this whole game and you get frustrated as soon as your target of crores of rupees is met. Understand that such websites run as long as their revenue is high and their payouts are low.


There are also some websites that assure citizens in Asia to deposit money in US bank accounts. But for just a few thousand or one and a half million, the citizens stay away from going to the United States and thus find it safe to forget the money themselves.

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