Trapped Puppies Finally Reunite With Mom After 10 Hours

Five puppies finally reunite with their mom after 10 hours trapped underground. They crawled through a narrow pipeline and fell into a sewer drain in the town of Hyderabad in India.

It was so hard to save them. But their mom was trying the best to return them back.

When Animal Warriors Conservation Society arrived to help free the puppies they realized they would need extra help to break into the drain.

So, the staff made a gap in the concrete that they could crawl through. And finally the puppies were all freed.
This was the greatest moment ever!

It happened Wednesday, Oct. 19, and all six puppies survived the ordeal, according to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. The puppies owe their lives to their mother, who tried desperately to get someone’s attention earlier in the day, officials said.

“Two Tampa Police Department officers found a mom and her puppy running in a busy neighborhood … and brought them to us,” the Humane Society reported.

It is estimated the puppies are 5 weeks old. All have been reunited with their mom, a terrier mix, and are being cared for at a Humane Society puppy nursery, officials said.

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