Ways to Protect Your Business from Bad Web Hosts


A trusted web host maintains your site and runs (accessible to clients) permanently with minimal downtime. A bad web host, on the other hand, can be detrimental to your success by capturing traffic. Not to mention your name SEO ranking.

As a smart business owner, you should know that even the best hosting provider can turn into a bad host (or worst – run away from business and “disappear”).

Enter Your Domain with a Different Domain:

Many hosting companies now offer free domain registration with the purchase of a hosting package. However, spending an extra $ 10- $ 15 can be smart. Enter your primary domain with a different registrar. I usually use the free domain for my secondary sites, which I use for host testing or SEO experiments. That way, if the domain gets connected to the hosting company and I want to switch, I don’t lose the idle hours of work on the website I’m building traffic to.

I use the namespace to buy all my domains today. Prices are cheap and their platform is easy to use. When you register your domain with a different party, it’s much easier to move to a new hosting company. Otherwise, you are waiting for your hosting company to continue your domain. This can be difficult, as they are losing your hosting business.

Be Careful With Your Payment Method:

While it’s easy to set up an automated payment plan with your hosting company, when you want to cancel, it can also cause darkness. Countless companies continue to charge debit or credit cards after you have already canceled your account.

Payment methods:

Debit Card vs. Credit Card vs. PayPal

There are three popular payment options when signing up for a web hosting account. Each type of payment has its own pros and cons. In the past, I had to cancel my credit card because a hosting company refused to stop charging my card. It was a terrible experience.


PayPal allows you to pay the merchant without having to access your real payer information. In addition, PayPal has taken steps to protect you both from duplication and fraud, theft, etc. It’s easy to unsubscribe from the PayPal user account panel.

Credit Card:

Although it is more difficult to secure new credit card accounts numbers. Many credit card companies offer some built-in protection to consumers in the event of unregulated charges.

However, carefully review your credit card company’s policies before providing information to the web host. In some extreme cases, you may need to cancel your account to avoid charges.

Debit card:

An unethical company may continue to charge your account (as in my case 13-14 years ago) or you may have to try to withhold payment. If you were paying with a debit card, it is easy to replace it if there is an error. You will not be charged (just withdraw all money from your debit account) if the hosting company will charge more after you cancel your account.

Stick With Host Provider with A Long Trial Period:

Guarantees are a sign that you can trust a company that does not stand behind its service. A long trial period shows that the hosting company believes in the quality of service that they have to offer.

 Avoid companies with blacklisted IPs:

There are a number of reasons to avoid blacklisted IPs, including the reputation of the hosting company, and more importantly, the emails sent from your domain to your domain because of the IP.


Knowing the needs of your site can go a long way in finding the right hosting solution. Be aware though that some hosts today have invested heavily in marketing as well. You are trying to sell what you need.

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